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Cats 101

Cat e-courses are fun!

Snugglebuns likes to learn!

Want to learn more about our feline friends?  Or are your children pestering  you for a kitty and you want them to know “the big picture”–what good cat care is all about–before taking on a new family member?  Or do you have a senior cat and want to make sure he/she is around and enjoying life as long as possible?  Cats offers several good free e-courses dealing with cats and kittens.  Lessons are short and simple, and well-written.  Cats guide Franny Syufy knows her stuff and presents it well.  Along with the e-courses, you can sign up for a weekly newsletter, or just follow along with Franny’s great blog.

E-courses offered include:

  • Introduction to Cat Care – Your New Cat
  • Kitten Care – Your New Kitten
  • The Golden Years – Care of Your Senior Cat V1.w
  • The Golden Years – Care of Your Senior Cat V2.w
  • The Roll of Food in Your Cat’s Health
  • Cat of the Week
  • Cat Quiz of the Week
  • Care of a Pregnant Cat (We know yours are fixed, but maybe an affectionate stray has wandered in?)
  • Breed of the Week Section 1
  • Cat Breed of the Week Section 2

For more information on the courses or for some great reading about cats in general, check out  Cats.


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