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How to Film Your Pets

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As a non-profit, LAPCATS doesn’t have extra $ to upload videos on this blog–at least, not yet–but  we can link to them.  There are many (laugh-out-loud-funny, sweetly sentimental, highly educational and/or depressingly serious) I want to share with you eventually.

I’m a big fan of the “Mean Kitty” videos–more about that later if you’re not familiar with them–but today I discovered “Mean Kitty” has a tutorial with some good points regarding How to Film Your Pets.  Since I’m sure your furkids are a primary subject of your photos and videos (or why else would you be reading this?),  I thought the video would be a good one to share:  Mean Kitty:  How to Film Your Pets.

If you are not familiar with Mean Kitty, we’ll remedy that too.  Meet Mean Kitty in the Mean Kitty Song.  Creator Cory Williams has made dozens of videos featuring his cats Sparta and Loki  (as he puts it) “to remind us all that pets aren’t just a piece of furniture in our homes… even though they can look that way sometimes. : ) … We’ll show you new ways to love your pets by simply spending a little more time with them each day”.

Wonderful idea, I’m sure you agree!


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