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Friday Films: Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats

We at LAPCATS want to thank you for your wonderful support throughout the past almost 6 years, and hope that you will continue to stay with us through the next 6-plus ones.  It’s been a great journey so far!

We wish that 2011 brings you and your family (both 2-and 4-legged members) much prosperity, love, happiness, good health and delight!

Now to our feature film, which is just a little bit different than most.  Ever wondered what the world looks like through a cat’s eyes?  This fun film should give you some idea.  In August 2010, Friskies selected 25 cats to participate in a feline focus group to provide greater insight into a cat’s magical world. The selected cats, affectionately dubbed “The RePURRters”, wore specially-designed portable video cameras around their necks to capture daily footage for five days.  For this project, Friskies selected cats that were playful and adventurous…

tongueThe RePURRters:  On Assignment


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