Promoting adoption, spay/neuter, and forever homes

What is TEAM?

Working with the community to benefit shelter animals

imageTEAM has been “Teaching Everyone Animals Matter” for nearly 15 years. From the beginning, TEAM’s all-volunteer board of directors and corps of volunteers have worked hard to improve the health, well-being and adoption prospects of the animals at the shelter in two primary ways: by underwriting a level of veterinary care for them that might otherwise not be possible, and by supporting those who work tirelessly to give them second chances through foster care, sponsorships and adoption.

The cornerstone of TEAM’s work is its Special Medical Needs Program, begun in response to an outpouring of support for a dog who had been severely burned in a drug-related house fire. Although that unfortunate dog didn’t survive those injuries, the program lives on, funding specialized veterinary care and treatment for other injured and neglected animals coming into the Sacramento County shelter. Program funds also provided medical equipment and supplies for the shelter’s small on-site medical trailer. TEAM continues to underwrite spay/neuter services for the FUR (Friends of Unwanted Rabbits) program, which houses and re-homes shelter rabbits, and regularly contributes to various adoption activities, including the LAPCATS program. TEAM also helped launch the shelter’s new “Spay/Neuter Commuter” van.

TEAM has made public education about animal issues—particularly the public’s responsibility to companion animals—a top priority. Urging the public to “Always spay, always neuter, always ID, always adopt a shelter pet,” this message remains at the heart of TEAM’s work. TEAM is a proud and consistent supporter of the community’s annual “Spay Day” event and the SAAC Spay/Neuter Voucher Program, and has taken the spay/neuter/ID/adopt message to countless venues and media outlets large and small.

Each year more than 20,000 animals end up at the County’s animal shelter. Most are lost or discarded by their owners, and many are impounded by shelter staff because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Significant numbers arrive at the shelter unaltered, sick or injured, and funding for veterinary care and supplies is limited. That’s why there’s TEAM.

TEAM is not a shelter, rescue organization or foster facility for lost or relinquished animals. TEAM is the nonprofit support group for the Sacramento County Department of Animal Care and Regulation and focuses on fundraising and community education on behalf of shelter animals and related issues.

For more information on TEAM, please see their website.


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