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Friday Films: Do You Brush Teeth?

Source: LOL Cats

February is Pets Dental Month, so today I’m going to share with you a few videos on brushing your cats’ teeth.  No, I don’t brush my cats’ teeth, but I should.  In fact, by bringing these videos to you, I’m hoping to motivate myself to give it a try.

Studies show more than 80% of cats and dogs have significant periodontal disease by the age of 4.  This infection can get into your cat’s blood stream and affect major organs like the heart, liver and kidneys.  It can also do serious damage to your bank account as your vet tries to fix the damage.  The answer is preventative care, the earlier the better.

I found three good short videos on YouTube that I think will help you—and me—with this teeth-brushing thing.

The first video is by Expert Village’s Dr. Greg McDonald, DVM, and provides formal, straightforward instruction like you might receive from your own vet.  In How to Brush Cat Teeth, Dr. McDonald introduces the tools you will need (special toothpaste and a brush small enough for your cat’s mouth) and explains the process with Stripes.

I also liked the informal video done by veterinarian Dr.Laura Levan in her office.  In How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth, she demonstrates the procedure a little more on kitties Dennis and Ozzy, and gives some helpful hints like having a dab of toothpaste on the hand for convenience, how the cat is held, giving a required treat after the procedure is done, etc.

Who knows?  Maybe if you use the right approach, your kitty might get to actually love the experience like Kitty here in the third video, Kitty Loves to Brush His Teeth!


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