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Friday Films: Managing Destructive Scratching Behavior

A good stretch is one of the simple joys in tree

Cats need to stretch and cats need to scratch.  This helps keep their beautiful, agile bodies flexible, their muscles firm, their nails shed, and their minds healthy and happy.   Barbaric, painful declawing is not the answer; managing destructive scratching behavior is the only true solution for humane cat households.

Every home that has a cat needs some kind of scratching post. Cat posts come in a variety of shapes and styles for different cats and different budgets.  (Cat posts seem expensive until you factor in the cost of furniture and carpet repair.  If you can’t find a style you like, LAPCATS volunteers can recommend a local cat tree builder who will custom design a post for you. The posts are sturdy and reasonably priced.)

Today’s Friday Film is on Managing Destructive Scratching Behavior in cats, from A-Z.  It was made by Partners in Animal Health at Cornell University‘s College of Veterinary Medicine.

So pick up a kitty, sit down, and enjoy the show!


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