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Please Help Us Save a Life

BrutusWill you help save Brutus?

Brutus is a handsome 6-year-young domestic long-haired black kitty with a heart of gold. He has been through a rough period health-wise, but is still holding strong. Brutus needs surgery to remove an obstruction in his urethra and save his life.

Brutus was in the county animal shelter through no fault of his own, waiting for someone to come along and adopt him. As people passed by, he would rub against the cage for attention and give head butts to the volunteers. Brutus is a “people cat” and just loves attention and affection.

One morning Brutus was found not looking his cheerful self by a staff member and rushed to the shelter vet. The vet, concerned with his condition and prognosis, determined Brutus would need more medical attention than the shelter could provide. The shelter called LAPCATS for help. Could we give this great cat the extended medical treatment that the shelter could not?

LAPCATS stepped up and went into action. Brutus immediately went into sponsor care and was taken to our usual LAPCATS vet. Brutus was fitted with a catheter, and while he was under anesthesia, neutered. Then the treatment began.

Brutus has now been hospitalized for over a week with a good prognosis, and surgery to correct the blockage from UTI is the next step. Everyone at the vet’s office loves him and we are crossing our paws he can be back with us soon and ready for adoption.

Please, if you are able to help LAPCATS save this great cat by contributing to his medical fund, Brutus and LAPCATS would be so thankful. (All contributions are tax deductible.) Brutus will be a happy, healthy boy again, and ready to go to his forever home.

To make a donation through our website, please go to and click on the donate button at the top right of the page. If you would like more information about Brutus or his situation, you can contact his sponsor family through

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Happy Tales: Home Sweet Home

kitty hugs

Carlton and Gary, two recent LAPCATS adoptions, and very happy kitties!

(Photo submitted by their new family)

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More On Enhancing Your Indoor Environment

Something important to remember is that even though your cat is comfortable in your home and has lived there for years, hiding places are always a must to enhance your cat’s living and sleeping environment. Cats naturally are drawn to small cozy places, so providing your cat with places to hide and sleep is not only comforting but a fun place to hunt from as well. Great hiding materials can be made simply with cardboard boxes on their side, paper bags, or one of your cat carriers with the door taken off. Place the objects around the house in secluded areas to give your cat the space he or she needs to relax. Another way of providing the much needed hiding spots for your cat is to purchase a cat tree and make sure there is a “condo” or hiding place for each cat on the tree, or you can buy multiple cat trees to accommodate the amount of cubbies needed. Every cat in your house hold needs about 500 square feet to minimize cat behavior problems; for example, if you have 3 cats you should have at least 1500 square feet in your home. A great way to accomplish adding extra square feet if your home does not the minimum recommended is by building “vertically”. Several cat trees with hiding places enhance a cat’s environment instantly, provide basic entertainment in the form of scratching pads or strings attached, and have perches high enough for your cat to watch over the surroundings (something very important to the feline species).237e79f2-9ae7-497a-b292-e3938185c34c

Since scratching pads were mentioned in the previous paragraph as providing “basic entertainment”, there are a few things to note before going out and buying one. Even though scratching pads or posts seem simple enough, it is important to watch your cat to determine what kind of “scratch style” your cat has. Does your cat primarily scratch carpet or furniture? Does your cat rub his/herself after scratching or lie down and scratch? Does he/she stretch out while scratching or does he/she prefer to scratch vertically, i.e. up walls? Notice these traits to determine what kind of scratching posts you will purchase and place them in the appropriate areas.  For example if your cat scratches on walls, place the scratching pad hanging on the backside of a door. If you notice that your cat doesn’t really have one style of scratching ,the best thing to do is to start with a horizontal cardboard scratcher and a vertical carpet scratcher. Watch which one he/she uses the most and if he/she likes both of them, then you are set already!

Last, but not least, one of the most important ways to enhance your cat’s indoor environment is to provide the necessary toys that keep your cat’s attention for long periods of time when you aren’t there. First of all, much like your cat’s scratching style, you want to look for toys that will mimic predatory behaviors as these will keep your cat’s attention that best. Because of this, you will want to watch what kind of “hunting style” your cat exhibits. Does your cat like to hunt birds and watch them from up high? Does your cat like to hunt small objects such as mice or rats? Or does your cat prefer to hunt and pounce on small bugs? Once you figure that out, you can choose your cat’s toys for the best fit. Some great examples of toys that mimic the predatory acts of cats are the “Undercover Mouse”, “Fling-ama-String”, and the “Bolt Laser Toy”. The Undercover Mouse mimics a mouse caught under a rug and runs around under the rug for your cat to chase. First place winner and “Best in Show” winner at the American Pet Products Association show, it operates fully on batteries and will keep your cat entertained by trying to “catch” the mouse for hours. The “Fling-ama-String” is a composed of a long string sewn onto an elastic conveyor belt that whips the string out and around and then pulls the string back in and repeats itself over again and again having your cats chasing this string all night! It is fully battery operated as well. Lastly, the “Bolt Laser Toy” is basically a battery operated automatic laser that has different programs built in to have your cat chasing laser lights in different patterns. Cats can’t learn the patterns as they are at random and if you choose to interact and play with your cat, you can turn the programs off and use it as a basic laser light. These toys will really help to keep your cat’s minds interested and their bodies lean and they will thank you for hours of endless entertainment.

78f54a9d-78bb-4741-bfa4-8d6f64996dd2There are a lot of very easy helpful ways to help enrich and enhance your cat’s environment so he/she doesn’t even know what he/she would be missing outside. It is safer and healthier for your cat; however it can be hard to make sure your cat is getting the same kind of stimulation inside as outside. That’s why these posts were written: to help cat owners who love their furry family members to easily add a few items to give their cat the life he/she deserves. Remember to rotate toys to keep your cat interested and with a few simple changes your cat will be happy, fulfilled and entertained for life!


Author:  Jacqueline Logan

(Photo source:  LOLCats)

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Enhancing Your Indoor Environment

Many people know and understand having an inside cat is not only in the best interest for their feline friend, but also the best choice when it comes to their family. From diseases such as feline AIDS (FIV), feline Leukemia (FeLV), and feline PanLeukcopenia (which can be life threatening and expensive to treat) to zoonotic diseases that your kitty can bring home and pass along to you, such as ringworm and roundworm, it is definitely healthier for your cat and your family for him or her to live inside. People have also been more and more careless in their driving and with animal abuse becoming more publicized it is also safer for your cat to be indoor only. However, you may ask what does my cat miss by living outside? How can I enhance my feline friends’ environment, but still make sure they stay healthy and safe by living inside? Today and tomorrow’s posts are designed to give you ideas and options to keep your kitty entertained, content, and even at a healthy weight with a few simple and inexpensive ways to make your home an indoor cats dream!

First of all, we all know that when our cats have “escaped” from the comfort of their indoor living that the first thing most of them do is run straight to the grass and start munching away. By simply adding a few house plants to your own home you can replicate the same idea. First of all make sure you do not bring dieffenbachias, lily of the valley, or philodendron into the house for your kitty to munch on as these are highly toxic and dangerous. Also the bulbs of amaryllis, daffodils, and tulips are dangerous if your cat likes to dig, so make sure if you have those in your home you keep the bulb securely buried under the soil. Next, you can go down to your local pet specialty store to purchase specific “cat grass” seeds or down to your garden store and buy “rye-grass seeds”, either of them work great to attract cats and are safe for them to graze on. Fresh catnip is also a great choice and something you can pick off also and sprinkle on their favorite perch, scratching post, or cat tree. Make sure you place the planter boxes low enough to encourage your cat to nibble on those plants instead of your own and so that they have easy access to enjoy their fresh grass. Place decorate rocks on top of the soil to prevent digging or flinging of the soil outside of the planter box. And last, but not least, discourage chewing or eating of your own plants by rubbing bitter apple or tobacco sauce on the leaves or petals them until they stop showing interest in them and only chew on their own.

3d781b52-94ff-4b58-b253-207698bd15acAnother great addition to your home is offering your cat a “window seat”. Place either pull a chair, cat tree, scratching post with a ledge, or a hanging cat window ledge under a window. This alone is enough for your cat to get a “taste of the outdoors”, however to enhance this experience place a bird feeder or bird bath on the other side of the window for “cat TV”. Your cat will love the opportunity to hunt and play all without going outside or hurting the natural wildlife. Make sure that there are small stickers or lines so your cat remembers that there is still a window between them and their prey!

Since cats are natural hunters and that instinct will never go away no matter how much we may try, instead of discouraging it celebrate it and entertain yourself at the same time! One way to create a true “treasure hunt” for your kitty is to hide their favorite treats in some of their favorite hiding spots and watch them go to work. After they find all of their treats they will be ready for a long cat nap! There are also “treat dispensers” available so your cat can be entertained for longer of periods of time while you are not at home. PetCo offers a treat dispenser called the “Go-Cat-Go Play and Treat DIspenser”, where treats are filled inside a ball that as the cat rolls it around and plays with it, treats fall out and are dispensed to your kitty. Depending on how many treats you fill inside, your cat will be occupied for hours! A second treat dispenser is called the “Deli Dome Interactive Cat Treat Dispenser” available through This treat dispenser holds five balls that you fill with treats and at intervals that you choose (from once every 2 hours to once every 4 hours), balls will be released from the main unit signaling your cat that it’s time to play. You can even record a message to your furry feline that will play when each ball is released, letting your kitty hear your voice even when your away! Both of these treat dispensers can even be used in place of food dishes if your cat is overweight and needs encouragement to lose some of those unhealthy pounds.

Tomorrow we’ll cover the joys of scratching and more of those wonderful toys…

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Friday Films: Kitten in Slow Motion

What’s cuter than a kitten at play?  Maybe a kitten at play in slow motion?

This one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Kitten in Slow Motion


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Fun, Facts and Resources–Free E-Book

imageCATegorical Care: An Owner’s Guide to America’s #1 Companion

Want to learn more about your feline friends?  Download a copy of Categorical Care:  An Owner’s Guide to America’s #1 Companion, a handbook for cat adopters from the Catalyst Council and the American Humane Society.  CATegorical Care is written specifically for owners who, in partnership with their veterinarian, want to ensure the best possible welfare and health throughout their pets’ lives. This handbook is approved by the American Humane Association, Catalyst Council, Society of Animal Welfare Administrators and Winn Feline Association.

Cats are now the most popular companion animal in the United States, outnumbering dogs by some 15 million. So what a surprise: It seems that cats must be man’s best friend!

Download the CATegorical Care Guide [PDF]

(Source: The Catalyst Council)

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Another Reason to Visit Ohio

Soon, Ohio will no longer be remembered as the home of the Rock ‘n’ Roll or Football Halls of Fame. Those two hallowed halls will soon be overshadowed by the largest Cat Museum in the U.S.

The Cat Fancier’s Association Foundation (the CFA’s nonprofit historical branch) will open a Cat Museum in June on the ground floor of CFA’s new office building in Alliance, Ohio.

The Foundation has collected cat memorabilia and artifacts for over 20 years and will showcase the collection in the museum which will include a library with over 1,500 books.

imageThe collection continues to grow through acquisition and donations by cat fanciers and members of the public. The Foundation is particularly looking for historical cat sculptures, antique cat related items, original paintings and artwork, ribbons and rosettes from the early cat fancy, and anything that explains the evolution of the cat fancy world. Cat collectibles are welcome, especially breed-related information, old magazines, cat show memorabilia, and other artwork.

The Foundation is still requesting donations.  Go here to see what has been donated so far or for more information about donating.

Shown at left:  An early 1900s cat carrier

(Source:  The Cat’s Meow and The Cat Fancier’s Association Foundation)

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Taking the Stress Out of Vet Visits

RickyA538241Do both you and your cat dread making trips to see your veterinarian? Do you tend to put if off to save yourself and kitty the hassle? Does your cat flee at the sight of the carrier and hide way back under the bed?

The CATalyst Council, the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association all recommend that cats should see their veterinarian at least once a year. Unfortunately, studies show that only about 28 percent of cat owners take their pet to the veterinarian that often. Among the top reasons cat owners cite for not taking their animal to the veterinarian more often is the stress it causes the animal.

“If we’re advising people to get their cats into their veterinarian more often, then we should be able to tell them how to do that properly,” says Dr. Tony Buffington, a professor at Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital and cat behavior expert.  Dr. Buffington says that bright lights and noise at the veterinary office can make cats panicky, creating problems.

“The animal gets wound up and its temperature, heart rate and temperament are all un-interpretable for the veterinarian,” Dr. Buffington explains.

Dr. Diane Eigner, CATalyst chair and a feline veterinarian, says there are a number of things that cat owners can do before a veterinary visit to make the appointment less stressful and more productive.image

“With a little planning and training, cats can learn how to travel comfortably and safely in a carrier,” Dr. Eigner says.

They offer cat owners the following five guidelines for lessening cat stress:

  • Make your cat travel-savvy. Get your cat used to traveling. Start them at a young age for your best results.
  • Make the carrier your cat’s “home away from home.” Make it a comfortable resting, feeding or play location. Keep the transport carrier out and accessible in the home, not just when you’re taking your cat somewhere.
  • Let them play “peek-a-boo.” Let your cat have a hiding place in the carrier by placing a towel or blanket from your home inside the carrier, and drape another one over part of the carrier. Using a familiar blanket or towel from home can also provide your cat some comfort while at the veterinary office.
  • Mix it up. Think about it – would you be happy getting in the car if every car trip meant a trip to the doctor’s office? Mix in some fun trips, or maybe a social visit to the veterinary office just to get a treat or two.
  • Travel light. If you don’t feed your cat prior to travel, you’ll make it less likely to get motion sickness. Plus, if it’s a little bit hungry, your cat might be more interested in the treats your veterinarian has to offer, and it could make the visit more pleasant for your cat.

For more information about the CATalyst Council, visit

(Source: CATalyst Council)

(Top left photo by Barbara Doty; right photo flickr)

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Friday Films: Facts About Cats

fascinatingThe weather outside is frightening, cold and wet.  It’s been a long winter for us all.  Today we’re going to try to offset the gloom a bit and teach you some things you might not know. Add a little catchy upbeat music, and you have:

Facts About Cats

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Clara Mae Celebrates Adopt the Internet Day

ClaraMae“You All Come Visit Me Now, Bless Your Heart…”

If you could imagine what an old fashioned, gentile woman would be like as a cat you would have to picture Miss Clara Mae.  She is as sweet as a juniper berry and as calm as a southern wind.  She possesses an air of what the old south would be back before the days got busier and time got shorter.  She is truly a special cat that was granted a second chance at finishing the remaining years of her life with a family who cherishes her as much as she cherishes them, once she finds them of course.

Clara Mae was an owner surrender at the Sacramento County Shelter in February 2011.  At barely 7 pounds, she came to the shelter malnourished, sick, and with her entire coat matted to her little body.  She was slated for euthanasia based on her age and the condition of her  fur.  Barbara Doty, one of the founders of LAPCATS, noticed this sweet older cat in a cage all by herself longing for love and attention.  LAPCATS was founded with the idea that with a little extra medical attention, cats that ordinarily would not have a chance of making it through the adoption process at the county shelter now have an opportunity to be adopted out after receiving necessary medical attention.  Miss Clara Mae was a perfect candidate for LAPCATS, and Barbara knew with a little TLC and grooming that she would be a great addition to a family looking for a sweet mild mannered cat.

Clara Mae was groomed, had blood tests run and then transported to me, one of LAPCATS foster providers.  I believe I finally provided her that much needed attention and care that she desired.  Soon, her blood tests came back in a few days indicating she was a healthy and happy senior!  The only abnormality that was indicated was slight anemia, her doctors believe because she was just too malnourished for her body to continue with normal bodily functions.  However, this didn’t stop Miss Clara Mae, unless you knew what she had gone through you wouldn’t think her past was different from any other cat.

These days she enjoys spending time laying in the sun, when its out that is, and making biscuits.  Sometimes I catch her just marching in place making biscuits just starting at me with only that raw appreciation a rescue cat can give.  The love in Clara Mae’s eyes is truly rare, she has been through a tremendous transition, has been poked and prodded, shaved and moved to yet another place, yet she acts as if she doesn’t possess a care in the world.  Maybe the knowledge that she is now in safe place, where she will always be loved and cared for calms her heart and mind much like her eyes and spirit can calm others.

She exhibits the true personality of a rescue cat, that of pure appreciation and love.  Being the calm older lady that she is, she would be a perfect addition to a quiet more mature family.  Once you meet her you fall instantly in love, so be prepared if you choose to meet Miss Clara Mae you will be sure to leave with a carrier full of biscuits and purrs, true appreciation, many long nights on the couch together and immeasurable love to last a lifetime.

For a visit, contact us at, near Sacramento, California.


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