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More Facts About Cats

Did you know:

An adult cat has thirty-two teeth.
Cats are carnivores which means that they are meat eaters.  Cats need meat in their diet.
The average weight of a cat is twelve pounds.
The largest breed of domestic cat is the Ragdoll, which weighs between twelve and twenty pounds.
The smallest breed of domestic cat is the Singapura weighing in at only four to six pounds.
A cat’s body contains 230 bones.
A cat’s body contains 517 muscles.  Cats need to scratch to maintain their muscle strength.
Cats can see up to 120 feet away.
Cats can sprint at a speed of up to thirty miles per hour.
Ailurophilia is a love of cats.
Ailurophobia is a fear of cats.
Cats have 60-80 million olfactory cells which account for their good sense of smell.
Calico cats are almost always female.
A cat’s front paws normally have five toes while the back paws have only four toes.
Cats kneed with their paws when they are happy and content.
The cat door was invented by Sir Isaac Newton.
A cat can jump five times as high as its own height.
Cats were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians and were even worshiped as demigods.  (Most cats have never forgotten this!)
A cat’s normal body temperature is 101.5 degrees.
Blue-eyed white cats are prone to deafness.
The cat uses its tail to maintain balance.
When a gray cat wanders into your life, its supposed to mean good luck.


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