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Consider Adopting an Adult Cat

Why are there so many adult cats in shelters?image
Adult cats are relinquished to shelters for various reasons, many of which are circumstantial :

  • The family is moving somewhere that doesn’t allow pets;
  • The family is moving cross-country or out of the country;
  • The new boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/significant other doesn’t like cats;
  • A family member has developed an allergy to the cat;
  • The owner has died or gone into a rest home;
  • The family “doesn’t have time” for a pet anymore;
  • The family is making a lifestyle change like divorce or home foreclosure;
  • The cat doesn’t fit with the décor anymore.

Often these cats have spent years living happily within a home, then suddenly find themselves homeless in a small shelter cage or cubicle.  Many of these cats go through a grieving process for their owners and previous lives.  These are great cats, homeless through no fault of their own.

With an adult cat, what you see is what you get!  An adult cat’s personality is already established.  Too many people automatically choose a kitten, without even considering adopting an adult cat.  But with a kitten, people have no way of knowing what cat personality the kitten will develop, and, although adorable, kittens don’t stay kittens for long.  If adopters overlook the adults, they miss some very special cats , and those special cats are missing out on the loving homes they so dearly want again.  Surprisingly, many adult cats seem to know when an adopter has given them a second chance, and act accordingly.  Many cats live into their late teens, so most adults will have many years of life and love still to give!  And adopters of adult cats are truly saving lives.

(photo, LAPCATS’ own Gertie, by Barbara Doty)

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