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Friday Films: My Cat From Hell or The Cat Daddy 66

My-cat-from-hell-200Meet Jackson Galaxy, musician, cat behaviorist, cat whisperer, cat shrink, cat trainer and star of the upcoming Animal Planet show “My Cat from Hell”.  Oh—and Jackson is a fan of both cats AND dogs.

One of my personal missions is to prove wrong the notion that cats are ‘pet furniture.’ Dogs are an integral part of our lives, and cats should be as well. When I first started my business, clients would lie to their coworkers, friends, spouses, about ‘the cat shrink’ coming to their home. We don’t even think twice about taking dogs to training classes or behaviorists.

“My Cat from Hell” is scheduled to premiere on May 7th at 9 PM (ET/PT) on Animal Planet.  Today’s film is the “tease” for the show:


On YouTube, Jackson is “TheCatDaddy66” and has his own channel where he explains his philosophy and feelings about cats.

For more information on Jackson, check out Jackson where you’ll find a blog, biography, and a very good library of cat articles.

(Source:  Animal Planet, Jackson


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