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A Happy Tale: Nick


Nick, by the way, is doing great, and is such a character.  I must tell you that Nick is a very responsible cat, and when he sees something that needs to be done, he just adopts it as his job.  First thing of a morning he is my very noisy reminder that the kibble bowls need to be topped off.  I must not put this off.  If I’ve had to put away the bowls the night before due to some scouting ants being about, Nick applies his teeth to my pajama leg and gives it a good shaking to get me moving to get those bowls out where they need to be.  And he personally, without ever being asked, goes under the blankets to drape himself across my feet, thereby keeping them quite toasty when I go to bed on these cold nights.  Often I awake in the morning with Nick under the covers snuggled next to me.  My little dog Harry loves it when Nick grooms his face for him.  Nick must have quite the touch, because Harry never wants him to quit and always coaxes him to keep it up.

Aside from being such a good worker, Nick is a little love, keeps up his end of all conversations, and he lets me smooch on him as much as I want to.  I’m so happy he came to live with me, and we all really like him.  That would be Harry, Margie, Willy, and me.  Thanks, Barbara, to you and all of the other volunteers of LAPCATS for making it possible for me to end up with a great cat like Nick.
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(Photo by Barbara Doty)


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