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Friday Films: The Mean Kitty in “The Box Fort”

imageToday’s Friday Film features the newest video from Sparta, The Mean Kitty; his human, Cory Williams; SMP Films, and The Mean Kitty YouTube Channel


Sparta, the Mean Kitty, became an internet YouTube celebrity in 2007, when his human Cory Williams made a video celebrating Sparta’s “kittenness” with The Mean Kitty Song.  (“Hey, Little Sparta (The Mean Kitty Song)” was written and sung by Cory Williams.)   “The Mean Kitty Song” remains Williams’ most popular video to date. It has attracted over 40 million views.  In one year, it became the top 21 of YouTube’s list of all-time favorite videos, top 39 of YouTube’s list of all-time most discussed videos, number 1 all-time most discussed Pets & Animals video, and number 4 all-time most viewed Pets & Animals video.   image According to Wikipedia, it is the No. 1 all-time favorite video in the Pets & Animals section. The video was also aired by CBS’ The Early Show and a few others as well.  Since the original video went viral, their fame and popularity has grown to include 83 videos on their Mean Kitty Channel.  Sparta is also active in the social media circles.  The Box Fort is one of the most recent videos and hit YouTube on May 28, 2011.  It’s very simple but sweet right now; apparently there is some problem pending with the original audio.  The more recent videos also feature Loki, Sparta’s partner in crime.

The purpose of the Mean Kitty YouTube Channel, according to Williams, is to remind us all that pets aren’t just a piece of furniture in our homes… even though they can look that way sometimes. : )  We’ll show you new ways to love your pets by simply spending a little more time with them each day.

imageWilliams’ continues, “Sparta, the brown one, is a male and looks like a Bengal mix. He was born in mid-2007 so we celebrate his b-day on May 20th. He adopted us in July of 2007. Sparta loves stalking, wrestling, crunchy toys, playing fetch and being held like a baby.  Loki , the white one, is a male and he is half cat and half monkey. We found him at a rescue center in Newbury Park, California in July of 2008. He is about the same age as Sparta so we celebrate his b-day on the same day. He loves all playing with all sorts of toys–mice are his favorite–traveling, hanging upside down, being spanked and getting attention from anyone who’ll give it to him.  Of special note, Loki was adopted from the PetSmart Adoption Center in Newbury Park, California!

Cory Williams, also known as “Mr. Safety” from SMP Films, is an actor and YouTube personality who lives in Thousand Oaks, California, with his wife Stephanie and 2 feline furkids.  He took these photos.

TheMeanKitty Channel Update:  As of today, Sparta’s YouTube channel has over 328,979 subscribers and 54,364,130 video views.  (Data from the MeanKittyChannel)


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