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Friday Films: Microchipping Your Kitty

imageAll LAPCATS are microchipped and registered with the microchip company before they are placed with their adoptive families—in fact, I think all shelters and most rescues in Sacramento County microchip adopted pets before they are placed.  In Elk Grove, microchipping is mandatory by law.  If your pet is kept inside, is a microchip really necessary?  YES, DEFINITELY—if you want to maximize the chances you will find him/her if he/she should somehow escape the safety of your home.  Think about it—while it may not be probable,  it is possible (through carelessness, disaster, break-in, vandalism, etc.)—for pets to get out and get lost.  Gone.  Vanished.


Today’s Friday Film is about microchipping pets .  The video will give you the basics of why it is done, how it is done,  and how the microchip system works if the pet somehow becomes lost.  While microchipping doesn’t guarantee the pet’s safe return, it sure improves their odds.


Additional facts about microchips to keep in mind:

  • imageOnce registered, it is up to you to keep your contact information current with your microchip company.  (The companies are identified by the registration numbers assigned.)  All adopted LAPCATS are registered through 24PetWatch.
  • Microchip scanners are universal and now work with all microchip companies.
  • All shelters, vets, and many rescues have/have access to scanners that read microchips.
  • Shelters check stray animals for microchips automatically.  If a microchip is found, they will attempt to notify the animal’s owner.  The existence of a microchip also permits the shelter to hold the animal for a longer period of time.  (DO NOT solely rely on shelters:  if your pet is lost, it is still important to contact the shelters daily as an extra precaution.)
  • Microchips provide lifetime identification.

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