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Friday Films: Cat Tricks by Kaiser

imageWho says cats can’t be trained to do tricks?

Meet Kaiser, one of the best trained kitties around. Watch Kaiser strut his stuff, with and without his canine sibling Nana the Border Collie.

    Cat Tricks by Kaiser


Kaiser and Nana are trained with clickers.

What is a Clicker?    from the website:

If your answer to this question is,  “A small, plastic hand-held device that makes a clicking noise when its metal tongue is pressed down”, you are partially correct.  Clickers, however, are more than just a plastic noisemaker; they provide the most humane, fun, and successful results from animal training. is the home of Nana the Border Collie and Kaiser the Bengal cat.  Their website promotes clicker training and positive reinforcement training methods, “the best way of training any animal, be it a dog or a cat.  Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to use this kind of training.“

For more information on clicker training, or see more videos of this fabulous duo in action, visit Clicker Training with Nana and Kaiser.


Keep Training Paw-sitive!

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  1. Wow! I never thought about using a clicker for cat training! This is great information!! I will definitely share this on my next blog posts, thank you!

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