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Celebrate Black Cats!

BlackCatAppreciationDay-2You may have heard of “Black Dog Syndrome“, the term used to describe the phenomenon that makes potential adoptive families overlook dogs in shelters nationwide because of the color of their coats. Unfortunately this same color bias also applies to cats.

There are no hard numbers, but informal surveys done at animal shelters show that black dogs AND black cats typically take much longer than animals with lighter-colored fur to be adopted, if they are adopted at all. Bus why? There are many reasons running the gamut from superstitions and negative connotations to the perception that it is more difficult for people to read the expressions on the face of a dark-furred pet.

To help combat this unfortunate prejudice, the Marin Humane Society came up with this list:

10 Reasons to Adopt A Black CatBlackCatAppreciationDay-WayneMorris

#1: They are always sleek, stylish and elegant looking.

#2: You’ll never lose them in a snowstorm.

#3: Black fur doesn’t show up on your [chic] black clothing.

#4: Statistically speaking, they are friendlier than other colored cats.

#5: They are happier because they look thinner!

#6: In many cultures, they are considered GOOD luck.

#7: They can be slimming when draped over your lap.

#8: Their colors can be easily accessorized as everything goes with black.

#9: They are always appropriately dressed at cocktail parties.

#10: They take the longest to get adopted and need your help the most!!!

LAPCATS has quite a few marvelous black cats ready for forever homes right now.  They have all been screened for good health and temperament and will make wonderful companion animals for some very lucky families.    

Prince Harry

(Black cat graphics by Wayne Morris; photos by Barbara Doty)


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