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Friday Films: Welcome to Kittywood!

Today’s Friday Film is a tongue-in-cheek video about the creation, development, and management of Kittywood Studios, a fictionalized movie studio that makes cat movies.  I’m not sure where the whole idea came from, but it’s pretty funny and brilliantly done!  I hope you enjoy it!


“Cats not only change the way we look at computers and the way we look at cats, but also the way we use our computers to look at cats.

                                          ~Founder & CEO, Kittywood Studios

“At any given time cat videos make up 30% of all internet traffic.  We here at Kittywood Studios seek to capitalize on that by mass producing kitten and adult feline-focused videos for the world wide web.  We make cat videos.                  

                                          ~Senior Vice President, Kittywood Studios

Kittywood Studios:  Cat Videos Incorporated


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