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Get Creative With the Pet Postcard Project

imageand help feed homeless shelter pets!

What is the Pet Postcard Project?

The Pet Postcard Project is a grassroots arts-and-crafts project aimed at raising awareness about and food for shelter animals. “Pet Postcards” for this project are homemade and handmade postcards imagefeaturing your own pets that you make and then snail mail into The Pet Postcard Project. Each card you send earns food for shelter dogs and cats. So far, this project has has received many thousands of funny, weird, sad, cute, and profound cards, all filled with love for a beloved pet.

Please include a PHOTO of the animal on each card, or else we won’t know who’s “talking!” The words are not just captions, they are creative confessions, wishes, advice, excuses, and “you know you love your dog/cat when” ideas. Here’s how to turn postcards into pet food for shelter animals!

The site does NOT make money on this project. It’s all to raise food and imageawareness for shelter animals.  One bowl (or one pound or more) of pet food for every qualifying postcard received goes to animal shelters.

ADDRESS: friendly_cartoon_dog_and_cat_0515-0908-1704-0900_SMU

Pet Postcard Project
676A Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10036              

Calling creative animal lovers of all ages!  You can make a difference!


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