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DIY: “Cat House” for Outside Kitties


It’s been some time since I featured a do-it-yourself (DIY) project on the blog, so today I browsed the internet to try and find something practical that would possibly be of value to cats and cat owners.  I found what I think is a very resourceful project for outdoor kitties and possibly feral cats.  I especially like the idea of the rope lights to provide extra warmth (where an outlet is handy).  A deep, warm bed would probably do as well though.

Step-by-step instructions for this project can be found on the Indestructibles website.  Be sure to read the comments too where there is additional good advice.  If you like the DIY projects, be sure to take time to look around the site.  There are ideas for other cat houses, cat trees, and even a “how to make your cat purr”:  American ingenuity!  (And warm kitties!)

(Source:  Indestructibles:  Share What You Make)


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