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Friday Films: Teaching the Scratching Post

imageIs there anyone out there who still thinks their clawed cat “doesn’t need” a scratching post?  I hope not.  Scratching is normal to a cat , almost as normal as swimming is to a fish.  Because of the way cats are built, they need to scratch to stay healthy and happy.

Today’s video is by one of my favorite bloggers, Pamela Merritt from Way of Cats.  She explains why cats need to scratch and how to encourage your kitty to use a scratching post.  I find Merritt’s approach to understanding and explaining our furry friends different, entertaining and very intriguing.  If you enjoy her video, I recommend you stop by her blog which addresses EVERYTHING about cat behavior.  She has lots of experience raising cats, rescuing cats, observing cats and writing about cats. She runs the Way of Cats blog and website.


Teaching the Scratching Post


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