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Happy Tales: Tux

TuxTux has made himself right at home!  He is such a good kitty.  The only problem we’ve had is with our current two cats.  They just don’t know what to do.  Every day is a little better though and they are all using the same litter box so that’s good.  Tux so badly wants to be their friend but they are just not having it quite yet.  The hissing from our cats is becoming less and less every day.  Never a peep out of him.  I think he’s still a little unsure about my husband and I though.  Unless he’s laying down on the bed, chair or scratching post, he runs away.

Thank you so much for sending his toy home with us.  He LOVES that thing!  He felt comfortable enough the first night he was here to play with it!  He’s so fun to watch too.  He throws it up in the air with his mouth!  It’s so cute!

I’m hoping that in a couple of weeks they will all be friends and our Chewie will get back to himself.  I hope the adoption weekend has gone really well.  So many animals need forever homes.  😦

Red heart

(photo by Barbara Doty)



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