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Happy Cat Herder’s Day!


December 15th – Cat Herders Day

If you can say that your job, or even your life, is like trying to herd cats, then this day is for you!

Cat Herders Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays to honor all of the people in the world whose lives can be compared to the impossible task of herding cats. This time of year it is easy to feel as if we’re chasing after a bunch of independent-minded felines.

Though not literal cat herders, many of us have been figurative cat herders at some point. Teachers or volunteers with a large group of grade schoolers on a field trip definitely qualify. Coaching a little league baseball team of 8 years and under is another example. To all the cat herders out there, literally or figuratively speaking, today is for you.

Via and By Dixie Allen, Guide, About.Com Clip Art


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