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Focus On: Brutus, the Gentle Teddy Bear

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BRUTUS is our miracle child. He was literally saved from death’s door. A volunteer favorite at the shelter, this good natured fellow seemed to be doing fine until one day shelter staff found him lying listless in his cage, soaked in urine. After some tests, it was determined that he needed medical attention beyond what the shelter could provide, so LAPCATS rushed him to the specialized vet hospital for emergency surgery. Brutus had a severe urinary tract infection, which caused his body to turn his blocked urine toxic.  Brutus survived the complicated operation and went directly into foster care.  After numerous prayers, many generous donations, and a small medical grant from United Animal Nations (now RedRover), Brutus is healthy and ready for his forever home. 

Notes from Brutus’ foster mom: Brutus is the best cat I have ever fostered. He’s like a big ol’ teddy bear. He is extremely affectionate, with a wonderful purr and soft, silky fur. I have two adult cats (male and female) and I also foster cats and kittens for the County shelter. On his first stay at my home, Brutus and my cats got along immediately. My cats are usually very cautious of adult fosters, as they’ve been beat up a time or two. But how could they be afraid of a cat that just comes up and starts licking them? On his second stay here, Brutus was surprisingly a bit nervous around my male cat, but he eventually got over his nervousness and now all three of the cats groom each other and sleep on the bed together at night.

Brutus especially loves when I have foster kittens in the house. He “mothers” them, giving them baths and running to the rescue if they get into mischief and cry for help. He plays with them, grooms them, and basically gives their moms a break. Brutus can be protective, but learns his limits quickly. For instance, there are some feral cats that hang out in my back yard. When Brutus first saw them through the screen, he let out a scream that about gave me a heart attack. But once he learned that it was OK for the cats to be there, he no longer reacts to them.

Brutus loves to lay by the back door and watch the birds & squirrels, especially when the door is open and he can get the fresh air through the screen. However, he doesn’t try to rush out. He doesn’t play much with my cats, but he will play with me (with balls, catnip mice or anything on a string). He prefers to lay beside me rather than in my lap, but he doesn’t mind being picked up and held on my shoulder for some scratching & petting.

Brutus has a very healthy appetite, and I do have to watch that he doesn’t eat the other cats’ wet food. He may have been a stray and had to scrounge for food (they don’t forget that) but he minds when told “no”. He is litter box trained and very well behaved. Brutus is such a sweet boy and will make someone a wonderful companion and lifelong friend.

If our loveable Brutus sounds (and looks) like your type of cat, please contact LAPCATS soon!

brutus image

Photos by Lynda Turpin

For more information on Brutus’ medical journey:


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  1. Thanks for your comments and wishes Carol. Brutus is safe and happy (even though still needing his forever home)–and his forever home will find him eventually. Once kitties are brought into our program, we work with them until they are adopted. We never return them to the shelter. Thanks for stopping by!

    Comment by LAPCATS Sacramento Area Cat & Kitten Adoptions | March 10, 2012

  2. I so hope Brutus gets adopted, sounds like a sweety. I’d come and see him but have four already and hard for me to keep up with them. I hope the best for him. Thank you for coming by my blog Debbie. I love the look of your blog and I think it’s wonderful you are from my neck of the woods.

    Carol @ Carol’s Critter Corner

    Comment by Carol Bauer (@CarolannBauer) | March 10, 2012

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