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Happy Tales: Esme


Esme is doing great.  Within the first 24 hours I could tell that she was happy to be in a home and had really made herself at home.  She’s been eating and drinking and going the bathroom with no problems.  She has fully taken over the kitty beds at the house and has been giving and getting lots of snuggles. :) 

Our first cat Lucy has had a bit more of an emotional roller coaster about Esme.  At first she was ecstatic to have another cat in the house, but then she started being a little territorial.  Most of the chasing has already stopped.  Lucy mostly gets territorial if one of us is holding Lucy and Esme gets close — she has hissed to say "these are my people!"  Luckily, Esme is so relaxed she isn’t bothered by it at all and doesn’t get aggressive in response.  Lucy’s territorialness seems to be slowly subsiding.  Both cats were able to lay with me on the bed this morning with no problems.  I think within a few more days everything should be totally fine.

Thank you for checking in — I really appreciate it!  We absolutely love Esme and how sweet and laid back she is.  She is a great fit for the family.

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