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Happy Tales: Calloway

CallowayI cannot tell you how much we all love Calloway.  He has meowed his way into all of our hearts.  He was so comforting when we lost Jake our German Shepherd.  I may have hugged him once or twice a little too tight but he was a complete gentleman through the whole ordeal and never complain.   

Fun things we love about Calloway:

1.    When you come through the door, Calloway always knows you’re coming and is standing there to greet you while meowing his head-off for a good 20-30 seconds.  If you walk away, he’ll follow until he gets it out of his system.  What is he saying????

2.   He likes to crawl under the covers and attack your feet.  I hate it and love it at the same time.

3.   He crawls under the laundry when I am folding clothes.  No one leaves the house without wearing their fair share of cat hair.Calloway_A543080

4.   He will spend hours hunting bugs and humming birds in the back yard. We laugh watching him all the time.  His inner lion is really coming out!! 

5.   He is always running, running, running….. up the hall, around the backyard, up and over the couch……….Sometimes he is just a blur in the corner of my eye but his weight is perfect.

Calloway runs all over the place, like my other cats he tends to spend the majority of his time in the house with us.  Right now he is curled up behind me hogging the computer chair.   Oh yes, he has a girlfriend.  Our neighbors next door have a female "backyard" cat.  Anyways, Calloway spends a lot of time sitting on the side of the house waiting for her, meowing, or playing with her through the fence.  Once she got on top of the fence but I have never seen her in our back yard.  It’s very cute.  With Jake gone, I expect to find her in our house one day. 🙂

After we talked today I can’t stop thinking about Calloway’s increased meowing may be from losing Jake.  I kind of joked about it recently with my family but I have been so sad myself I didn’t think that Calloway may be really missing Jake or looking for him.  I feel bad for him today.   Jake
liked to be with the cat but Calloway always appeared aloof around Jake.  Calloway never liked it when Jake would lick his face.   A whole Garfield-Oddie thing going on.   Maybe Calloway loved Jake more than he let on and now we will adopt another friend for him.

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  1. sometimes they just have to grieve when they lose a furriend. Calloway sounds like a very special cat

    Comment by Savannah's Paw Tracks | May 22, 2012

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