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Jackson Galaxy Returns For Third Season on June 30th

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy has been working with cats as a behaviorist for 15 years, but most know him from his show on Animal Planet, "My Cat From Hell." Season three is set to premier on Animal Planet on Saturday June 30 and continuing for ten episodes.  Jackson’s frequently referred to as "The Cat Whisperer," a reference to his almost magical ability to dramatically change a cat’s behavior. In addition to starring on the show, he has recently released a book: Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean, and also runs his own consulting business where he helps clients with similar situations to those featured on his show.

Jackson says, "I love spending time with cats, observing them, and making small discoveries that turn into large changes in family dynamics. I love opening the eyes of cat owners as to the inner workings of their cat’s minds. It’s 100% satisfying."

Jackson finds that the calls for help he gets most frequently are "pretty equally divided between aggression and litter box issues. If you break it down even more, it’s usually territorial/social issues or medical." He believes that people have been slow to realize that cat behavior can be changed because "most people think of cat behavior in terms of dogs, so they equate cat behavior work with dog training. Cats change their behavior only when you start seeing the world the way they do and compromising with them. Maybe my job becomes more about opening people’s eyes to the way cats think so that solutions become more readily apparent."

Jackson says that the best way for an owner to prevent their cat from becoming a guest on his show is to "educate yourself first and foremost on the behavior of cats and the physical nature of cats so when you talk to your cat’s veterinarian, or seek help in the behavior department at your local animal shelter, you can engage a conversation and not just start from square one. Take an active part in your education. That’s the best way to start in order to change behavior.

(Via CATalyst Council enewsletter June 2012)


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