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Happy Tales: Sophie (Lillian)

DSC_0383Sophie is a dream kitty.  We all just love her!  She loves the laser and playing ball.  What is unique and special about her, is she has taken a fondness to my oldest son.  He is so good with her.  Both of the boys come home from school looking for Sophie.  She and Harley, my lab, have been within inches of each other.  They are gradually becoming house partners.

Yesterday, Sophie jumped up on my bed and took a nap.  She sleeps faithfully with my almost 16-year old son nightly.  All of her toys are in his room.  She brings everything into his space. She and I are cuddling and she purrs up a storm.  I can hear her talking throughout the house.  She is an incredible adaptable kitty.  I took her to her vet last week and she crawled out of her new carrier, laid down on the blanket I brought with, and purred while Dr. Faber examined her.  Dr. Faber told me I have a very special cat!

She LOVES my boys and is beginning to trust me.  Wyatt and Jarrett argue over who is going to play with her.  They have NEVER given any other animal this much attention, not even our lab.  Sophie is so gentle, sweet and cuddly.  I love her because she has such a soft side, yet loves to play!

We are so grateful to have her as a new member of our family!  As I am writing this e-mail Sophie and Harley are laying within inches of one another!!!  As she begins to trust me, Sophie is spending more and more time with me during the day.

Best to you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  I just LOVE Sophie!  Red heart


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