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Sale of Puppy/Kitten/Rabbit-Mill Animals Banned in Los Angeles

There is big news from the Los Angeles animal community!

The City of Los Angeles (LA), the second largest city in the nation, passed a landmark ordinance last month, 12 to 2, prohibiting the sale of puppy/kitten/rabbit mill animals at local pet shops.  Animal welfare champion Councilman Paul Koretz authored the ordinance.  Councilman Koretz and his staff worked closely with store owners, animal rescue and/or animal welfare organizations, and caring individuals to help craft this well-written ordinance.

With this ordinance in effect, LA shelter and rescue animals will have a better chance of finding their forever homes by getting out of the shelters and into the pet shop venues where they will get more exposure.  These great animals need more avenues to be seem and adopted, instead of being put to death only because they don’t have homes.  So many people will not go to animal shelters because “they’re too depressing”, “too out-of-the-way”, or “they’ll want to take them all home”.

Generally 25% of shelter animals are purebred, plus there are many purebred animal rescues.  People who feel they must have a pedigreed puppy or kitten will still be able to purchase them through reputable breeders (as opposed to impulse-buying a puppy/kitten/rabbit–mill animal from a pet shop.  LA cannot control the cruel mills (primarily in the Midwest) that ship tens of thousands of puppies/kittens/rabbits per year into California (while over 500,000 homeless animals are killed in our shelters) but they can certainly decrease pet mill profits.DontShopAdopt

Please urge your city or county to follow LA’s lead and consider trying this legislation in your area.  One trip to your local animal shelter will tell you why.  Other cities in California that now have this a law on the books include Laguna Beach, Irvine, West Hollywood, Glendale, South Lake Tahoe, and most recently, Burbank.

For more information on mills, here are some reputable sites:

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