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Happy Tales: Katie, Now named Calliope

Katie-CallopeI wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt Calliope (Katie). She is amazing and we love her! I’ve never owned a kitty that only wants to scratch on her scratching post! Hurray! She’s made herself at home and is a wonderful fit for my husband and me. We play constantly and if she wants to play, she lets us know! So we play even more!

I’m so grateful to you, Leslie! I believe that because you are such a great foster mom to your foster kitties, they become self confidant, healthy and amazingly well-behaved adoptees!

We’ve had snow recently so I’ve hung a bird feeder on our side deck. Calliope has a full view of the action out of the sliding glass door. There are blue jays that drop by and make a huge mess under the feeder so that a small squirrel visits to eat the seeds that have spilled underneath. He adds to Calliope’s excitement and has stood on his hind quarters, close to the door, practically nose to nose with her! He has no fear of her while she’s behind the door and I think is doing a bit of squirrel to kitty taunting. The interaction is entertaining all of us!

Again, thank you for the wonderful kitty saving service!  Red heart


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