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Foster Kitten Update #2: Eyes Wide Open

What a difference a week makes! 

If you look back at Update 1 a week ago, the kittens barely had their eyes open.  For the past day or two, these little guys have been crawling, responding to voices, enjoying gentle pets, making a lot of noise (“Mama, feed me!”) and actively checking out everything in their environment.  Mama spends a lot of time up on top of the carrier left in her cage to escape from the kittens but she watches over them like a hawk.  I feel bad when I hear their “feed me” cries and then remind myself that all 5 kittens are just rolly-poly healthy with plump little tummies.  Poor Mama needs a break!  The little calico girl (probably the most active) did manage to climb up on top of the carrier by herself today stalking Mama, so we’re going to have to come up with a better plan this week.  Mama likes the petting too, but can get a little bit cranky.  I wonder if she gets much sleep?

MommyAndKittens26Nov12 012  MommyAndKittens26Nov12 002  MommyAndKittens26Nov12 004  MommyAndKittens26Nov12 006  MommyAndKittens26Nov12 008  MommyAndKittens26Nov12 010

(Photos by Keith Willey)

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