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Foster Kitten Update #6: Herding Kittens

Kittens6thWeek 024

Left to right back:  Jasmine (Jazzy), Ariel, Cinderella (Cindi), Mulan; Front:  Rapunzel (Zelli)

There’s a video out there about herding cats, and after today’s photo session, I can surely relate!  The kittens are now at the age where they want to explore their world.  Probably the last thing they want to do is hold still long enough to pose for pictures.  Add to the confusion the resident cats interested in what was happening, and we had quite a challenge.  (Of course we had to schedule a break or two for kitten play!)

Aren’t they adorable?  And their developing personalities are as cute as their looks.  All are friendly, affectionate, inquisitive and fun.  They are interested in everyone and everything going on around them.  They are all sweethearts, so I decided to stick with the name theme of the Disney princesses.  (Remember, their mama is Snow White, aka Snowy.)  Chances are that all or most will be renamed by their adopters anyway.  When I pick names, I try to make them memorable, and everyone at the adoption center will know their relationships to each other too.

The kittens are all eating on their own (well, Snowy does let them sneak a snack at the milk bar periodically), and all are successively using their litter box.  I plan to take them in for their first shots and weighing soon.  I’m guessing they will be ready for their new homes sometime in February.  They have to be spayed before they are placed, and they have to weigh a minimum of 2 pounds before they can go through surgery. 

I’m still trying to put some weight on mama.  She will have to be spayed too and then, children raised, will also be in the market for her forever home.  I can understand where the kittens get their good natures:  mama is a sweetheart too.  I promise mama pictures next week!

Kittens6thWeek 013 Kittens6thWeek 021
Jasmine, aka Jazzy Ariel
Kittens6thWeek 003 Kittens6thWeek 016
Cinderella, aka Cindi Mulan
Kittens6thWeek 006 Kittens6thWeek 027
Rapunzel, aka Zelli  

(Photos by Keith Willey)

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  4. Hey Lapcat Rescue, Jet here.

    Could they be any cuter? Thank you for doing all you can to help get them adopted safely. 🙂

    Comment by heyitsjethere | December 29, 2012

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