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Foster Kitten Update #9: Big Changes

The kittens have been transferred to another foster home so I can take care of some personal business. It works out great because they are at the stage where they need to have more room to play and romp before their spay/neuter surgeries, and at the new home, they have a whole room to themselves. I wish you could have seen them as they explored their new environment! They were like school children let out for summer vacation!

Mama Snowy approves the move too. She now gets some time to herself and can concentrate on becoming a career companion. She really is a sweetheart—not much more than a kitten herself—and will be great company.

Did you catch the “spay/neuter” surgery reference above? It has recently become apparent that two of our princesses are little princes. Remember how I mentioned how difficult it could be to correctly determine the sex of little kittens? Well, I determined wrong in two instances. I (sheepishly) contacted the adopting families of the two and happily they still want to proceed with the adoptions. (Especially with the early neutering , the little boys will, of course, develop no “tomcat” habits and make wonderful companions, just like the girls. In fact, a lot of people prefer male cats. I can vouch for them: mine are superstars!)

The new foster home has promised photos and updates, so you will see the kittens again before they go to their forever homes. Most of them weighed 1.14 pounds last weekend, and they will continue to grow quickly. Stay tuned for more information—and hopefully no more big surprises!

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