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Happy Tales: Pepi, Now Dahli

Dahli-Pepi-HappyTaleJust wanted you to see this sweet kitty.  She’s turned into an amazing lap cat (only my lap, so far) and absolutely loves a (small) fire in the fireplace.  She’s really small for a Maine Coon, probably from malnourishment when she was wandering on her own, and maybe in the womb as well.  She has short legs and can’t jump very high.  She retreats to her hut when there’s too much going on.  She excels at playing with a plastic ball that goes around a circular plastic track where she has to reach in to bat it.  None of the other cats have ever been as good at it as Dahli is.  And she’s very fond of shoes.  (The picture was taken on our second floor deck at the apartment where we were living until June.)  There’s lots to watch out the windows here at our new little house with squirrels, birds and deer right outside.  We’re still trying to figure out how to create an enclosed deck for the cats on the sunny side of the house.

Thanks so much for rescuing this sweet kitty for us to bring home. She is such a precious addition to our family.

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