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Happy Tales: Ariel, now “Kat Middleton”

Remember Ariel, one of our “Disney Princess” kittens?

Ariel-Princeton 2-2013

Just wanted to send you another update on Ariel! Her new name is "Kat Middleton", though I’ve taken to calling her ‘the Duchess’… and she sure is a little princess! (I have a human friend named Ariel… so the name had to change, though Little Mermaid IS one of my favorite movies!)

As you will see in the pictures… I’m clearly not the only one in love with her! Princeton and her are quite inseparable! I was keeping them apart while I was away from the house, but I trust now that he is a gentle giant and even has some paternal instincts– and she meows VERY LOUDLY if she is shut in a room by herself! (Which makes feeding a bit difficult– Princeton is envious of her wet food!)  She did manage to end up a bit dirty by the end of their first day of freedom, and I still haven’t figured out exactly where that happened!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Thank you for raising her well… she obviously is a very social kitty… always wanting to be near me/Princeton. Princeton and I are so happy to have her!

 (Photos by Kristen Cady)    Red heart


See Ariel’s baby pictures here.


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