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(Almost) Wordless Wednesdays

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Betsy  Carney

Cat face  “Thank you for checking in. She is just a angel!! We love her so much. And she loves us too. She loves to cuddle.  We are so happy she is now apart of our family!”

Cat face  “Betsy or I should say Taffy is doing really good she has a good appetite and she loves to sleep and give me lovings…she has recovered very well from being spayed and is very energetic.”

Cat face  “The new addition to my family is more than happy with his new home 🙂 His name is Pinche Leon, because as the name somewhat indicates, he’s a miniature lion. Ha. My two other tuxedo cats are gradually coming to terms with their new sibling. Thanks for your friendly help; five dollar feline fridays is a fantastic idea.”

Cat face  “We are so grateful for Feline Friday that afforded us the opportunity to receive our precious Forever Friend. We renamed her Kiera ( after the Lion King princess). She follows me everywhere, enjoys sleeping in her new bed at the foot of my bed, playing with  her toys, and being part of the family. She has the loudest, most precious purr….and growl, which she voices near our dog. She is getting braver, choosing to come a little closer to the dog each day. We are hopeful they will be friends by summer. My dog is a little scared of  her kitty growls and would very much like to be friends.  We are 100% in love with Kiera and so blessed to have her. Thank you so much.”

Cat face  “Everything is going great, my girlfriend and I named him Leo the Ruler, and we even rescued him a little friend because he had so much energy. (my girlfriends kitten Ninni). They get along so well, he cleans her and they cuddle!  He is very playful, loving, and mischievous. When we visit home the mastiff and Saint Bernard are terrified of him, hence the name “the ruler”. We are so lucky to have him!!”

A bit wordy for even an (Almost) Wordless Wednesday, so I apologize, but I wanted to share some of these recent cat and kitten adoption testimonials.  (On (Almost) Wordless Wednesdays our LAPCATS blog features adoptable cats and kittens from Sacramento County Animal Care.  We are Animal Care volunteers too.)  Better yet, go down and see for yourself!



Find Your New Best Friend  at the Animal Shelter.

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