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Happy Tales: Sherman


Sherman is doing fine, he’s acclimated to his new home and his relationship
with Tinkerbell has greatly improved. I sensed there was something special
about him from the first time we met, I think Sherman is a healer. He has
been very persistent with trying to heap affection on Tink, and after a few
weeks it has had an effect. She’s gradually returning to her former sweet
little personality from the stressed-out and difficult little cat she became
after her brother disappeared. They have started sleeping together, so I
think they’re going to be OK together. She still has her moments, but I’ve
noticed that now he stands up on his hind legs and swats her right back,
something her brother never did. I don’t think she quite knows what to make
of that, but she does not hiss and swat at him nearly as much when he gets
playful, which is most of the time. The other night I saw her chase him
around the house, so I think she has accepted him as part of the clan.

Sherman’s been getting a lot of mileage from those pipe cleaners your
associate at PetSmart gave me. Tell her thanks for that. When I come home in
the afternoon, I find pipe cleaners all over the house. He’s so cute, he
will pull one out of the cat toy box and carry it around the house in his
mouth. He has already learned how to open doors and kitchen cabinets. I
think he’s still somewhat traumatized from whatever his experiences were
when he was a stray, he does not like any kind of confinement, even being
cuddled. I got him a nice little tear-away collar and after the 2nd day with
that I came home from work and discovered that he had clawed off the collar
as well as much of the fur around his neck. I’m still learning where the
boundaries are with him, what things are acceptable and what things are not.

Thanks for inquiring, I can tell that you are fond of Sherman, now I
understand why.

Red heart 


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