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Cat Trivia for the Trivia-Minded

  Cat face  A 15 year-old cat will have spent 10 years of her life sleeping, averaging 16 hours of sleep per day!

  Cat face  Chinese legend says a cat comes from a lioness & a monkey – getting dignity from the lioness and curiosity from the monkey.

  Cat face  A cat’s reflexes are quicker than a dogs and cats hunt alone, whereas dogs hunt in packs;  cats are crepuscular (most active at dawn & dusk) and dogs aren’t.

  Cat face  A cat’s curved claws work well for climbing up a tree, but not down – and it has to rely on its weaker, front legs to hold its weight. 

  Cat face  Cenerentola, the Italian version of Cinderella, was one of the earliest versions published, and the fairy godmother figure was a cat.

  Cat face  The hormone Oxytocin is released when you pet or cuddle a cat, lowering your heart rate, reducing stress and even helping wounds heal!

  Cat face  Chef and author Julia Child said "Love, butter and the company of cats is the recipe for a good life".

  Cat face  A "pas de chat" (French for "step of the cat") is a ballet move – a light jump, hovering in the air and landing softly, like a cat!

(Facts Via Kitty Store Online)



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