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Happy Tales: Lilly

IMG588I hope you’re doing well and adopting out lots of kitties to good homes!   I just wanted to send you some pictures and give you a quick update about our sweet baby Lily.  Three months have flown by, and she is thriving in her new home.  She likes to herd around our older cat, Luke, to make sure he knows who’s the boss.  She keeps him on his toes and gives him a workout, but overall, they’re getting along well.

She is an absolute joy and we cannot imagine life without Lily.  She loves to play, and her favorite toy is the pink stuffed monkey you sent her home with.  It’s almost as big as she is, but she carries it around and snuggles with it and gives it a good grooming.  She’s a bit of a hoarder and has a little collection of toys, plastic bottle caps, and hair ties collected under the bed.  We recently got her a weasel-ball, which is an endless source of amusement for her.  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it.  Even our lazy Luke, who is not so into toys, likes to play with it.  Lily’s also very social and loves to be involved with our daily activities, particularly when I’m doing my beauty rituals and there are makeup brushes to play with.  And she also likes to play sous chef and watch Josh cook.  She’s very helpful — especially when there’s fish around!  ;)  And she likes some of the interesting sounds and sights that come from the TV, especially the dragons on Game of Thrones (she’s a fan!).

We cannot thank you enough for matching us with Lily.  We know it was hard to let her go, but please know that we love her very much and will always take good care of her.  She gets lots of love and attention.  We will definitely come back to Lapcats to adopt another little playmate for her (so Luke can have a break once in a while!) when we get a bigger home. 

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