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Happy Tales: 13-Year Old Kitty

Kitty_A590033 (2)

Kitty is a jewel.  She is a true lap cat.  This morning I brought her up to our bedroom while we drank our coffee.  She checked out the room & jumped onto the bed on my husband’s side. My husband smiled at me & said that Kitty likes him better. This evening when pups were asleep I brought Kitty into the family room & held her.  She stared at the pups.  She really wanted to get down & check things out.  I am sure the pups were not the first thing on her list.  I’ll let her scope the area out when pups are out side.  Kitty sleeps in her condo, uses her litter box & likes to look out the windows.  I am looking for a roommate for Kitty. The gray cat called Lover is tempting. He wants to be on a lap as much as Kitty.  I need to let Kitty settle in first. Thanks for trusting in me.  I too am purring.   🙂

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