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cat·i·o [cat-e-o] noun

1.  A secure area used for outdoor play or recreation, mostly by cats, and often containing recreational equipment such as shelving, soft beds, scratching posts and other cat amusements.

2.  Informal. any place, environment, or facility used for recreation or amusement, like a patio, only for cats.

3.  A compromise between cats and their humans between being kept “indoor only” and being able to lie in the sun, watch birds, breath fresh air, and recreate.

Cat face

Today we’ll start a new series featuring catios, just incase you have been thinking of building or buying one for the feline members of your family.  Or you may already have one, and would just like to see what else is out there and what other cat people have done.  Nothing like spoiling our cats—but most everyone would prefer to live with a happy cat rather than an unhappy one, right?

Today’s video was made by Robert Thompson of Portland, Oregon, for his family’s two cats.  Robert explains, “This is a video of our two indoor cats’ first time exploring a catio that took me many hours to design and build. It was worth the effort. They spend most of their days and nights in it and they come in when we call them.”



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