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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Sacramento County Animal Care thanks all the people who supported them this weekend and their #EmptySacShelters #megamatch partners Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento and Sacramento SPCA.


Last weekend’s “Empty our Shelters Project” adoption promotion had a goal of 500 collective adoptions amongst the local area shelters, and we knocked it out of the park with 525! Sacramento County Animal Care alone had 179 adoptions, comprised of 107 cats/kittens, 66 dogs/puppies, and 6 rabbits!!!

The individual numbers:

  20 – Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

156 – Front Street Shelter

170 – Sacramento SPCA

179 – Sacramento County Animal Care

The nature of sheltering in Sacramento has come a long way; in even just the past 5 five years so much has changed. In addition to significant improvements in standards of care, the allocation of resources for extensive medical treatment, increased emphasis on behavior rehabilitation, rescue efforts, foster care, and community outreach, among the shifts has been greater collaboration between our local shelters. In 2007, we developed a community shelter coalition working together on common goals through the ASPCA’s Mission Orange initiative. This partnership has helped drive the shelters to be the best we can be, individually and collaboratively, and this weekend’s adoption successes are testament to what teamwork can accomplish!

Thank you Sacramento!

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