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Happy Tales: Sweetie Pie, Now Bunnie


“Just wanted to let you know that Sweetie Pie/Bunnie is doing great! She is currently napping with her tongue slightly out of her mouth. She is in a comfy chair next to Cosmo, who is also napping.
They are getting along swell. She occasionally play-swipes at him, and she chases him around. She is 2/3 his size, but doesn’t seem to know it! I have been carefully micromanaging their interaction, and now they are at the point where they eat at side-by-side food dishes and play together a lot.  Cosmo never used to like fish-type wet food, but now that she likes it, he likes it, too.
Sweetie Pie is also now interested in going outside. I have taught her to not mind a harness, too. It seemed like a miracle when I got Cosmo to like it, so now to get another cat to be ok with a harness seems like a double miracle. For now she stays in the yard, not too far from the backdoor, but at least she gets to play in dirt and shuffles around in the leaves and grass, and gets to watch birds. I am always right there, so she is totally safe. She is fascinated to see out the front window when Cosmo is walking down the sidewalk …

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!”  Red heart


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