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Friday Films: Probably More Than You Wanted to Know About LOL Cats



In case you want more:  Wikipedia on LOLCats


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Friday Films: Cardboard Dreams and 2013 “The Friskies” Competition

Today’s Friday Film was one of the finalists in the 2012  “The Friskies” video competition.  “Cardboard Dreams” deals with cats fascination with boxes, and what might be going through their minds as they play in the cardboard containers.  It didn’t win, but it was right up there at the top!




“The Friskies” call for entries for the 2013 competition came out June 3 and will run through July 15.  The Grand Prize is $5,000; total value of all available prizes and trips is: $77,197.20.  Could you and your feline companion possibly be the next winner?

Detailed information and entry instructions are available at You can also view both last years finalists and entries already submitted for 2013.


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Friday Films: The Private Life of a Cat

“Perhaps a nearly forgotten product of New York’s avant garde art scene can show new directions for cat videos.”

~Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

Today’s Friday Film was suggested by Lynda, another volunteer with LAPCATS.  You will have to follow the link to The Atlantic to watch it. 

Says Lynda:cat_family_lineart_outlined_by_rjtheawsome11-d3d4oej

“This is the best film I’ve ever seen about the life of cats. It was made in 1947 and there is no audio.  It starts with two cats meeting, then shows the actual birth of kittens (in case you’re squeamish).  It follows them through learning to walk, eat, climb, play.  The nice thing about this is that both mom and dad participate in their lives, where our fosters only have mothers.  The only down side is that at the end, it (realistically) suggests that the cycle is going to start over again, but then this was 1947 and animal birth control was not something that people thought of.  It’s about 20 minutes, but well worth watching.”


 The Private Life of a Cat

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Friday Films: Catdance Film Festival 2013

Vote for your favorite film and get a chance to win prizes.  Fresh Step screened the best new cat films in Park City, Utah, and now it’s your turn to help pick the winner of their $10,000 Viewer’s Choice Prize.
The Sundance Film Festival is an American film festival that takes place annually in Utah every January since 1978.  It is one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States and a showcase for new work from American and international independent filmmakers.  The 2013 Sundance Film Festival is January 17 – 27, 2013.
Not to be outdone while the film world is gathering in Park City, Fresh Step is there too, with their own Catdance Film Festival, celebrating the best in new cat cinema.  Catdance features the best in original, scripted cat-inspired shorts.  On January 20, 2013, viewers became involved with the contest by voting to pick the $10,000 Viewer’s Choice Prize.  The 5 finalist films are all great:  see them here and pick your favorite.  You can vote for your favorite once each day through midnight February 28, 2013. 
Here are our 3 favorites:
The Catalogue




Cat’s Guide

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Friday Films: Choose Your “The Friskies” Award Favorite


Today’s Friday Film—or films, if you choose—gives you the opportunity to help choose who will win the coveted “The Friskies” Award and a check for $15,000. 

For every way you engage with the effort ("sharing content," "likes," commenting, voting, submitting original videos on the Friskies® Facebook page) counts toward feeding cats at 25 rescue shelters across the U.S (including our local Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode in Diamond Springs, CA). Friskies’ initial donation was set at 125,000 cans of Friskies®. Now each time someone votes, or likes or shares a video, five additional cans of Friskies® cat food will be donated to the initial donation, up to a total of 250,000 cans.

View the 12 semi-finalist videos here.

If you don’t have the time to view them all, I suggest watching (under Catventure) “Katie is… ACCUSED”, “Cardboard Dreams”, and (under Catcom) “Cat Alarm Clock”, my favorites.

Voting runs through November 9th with a Limit one (1) vote per entry/per person/e-mail address.

HISTORY: Entrants submitted a video ("Entry") in one of four categories: 1. CATNESS: the essence of cat behavior, capture a cat (or multiple cats) just being a cat, moments of pure cat wonder, quirkiness, and delight; 2. CATCOM: capture a cat (or multiple cats) in a humorous situation; 3. CATVENTURE: capture an indoor cat (or multiple cats) on an adventure; 4. CATCHALL: miscellaneous category for Entries that don’t fit in to one of the other categories. The winner selection consists of two rounds. In round 1, Up to three Finalists in each of the four categories were chosen from eligible and approved Entries. In round 2, the Finalist Entries for each of the four categories are now displayed in a consumer voting gallery as well as judged by an independent panel of judges to determine the Category Winners and Grand Prize winner. The four Category Winners and the one Grand Prize winner will be announced on or about November 15, 2012.—in case you might want to enter next year: 

Twelve (12) Finalist Prizes: Each of the up to 3 Category Finalists will receive a one year supply of Friskies® Cat food. Four (4) Category Prizes: Each Category Prize winner will receive $2,500 cash, awarded as a check. One (1) Grand Prize: the Grand Prize winner will receive $15,000 cash, awarded as a check. The Grand Prize winner will receive a statute, commemorating their win. Grand Prize Winner’s video may also be featured in the winners’ hometown media and/or in a Purina® Friskies® brand video about their special relationship.

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Friday Films: Why Do Cats Purr?

(Quote image by Cat Quote Images)

If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the purr.

              ~ Barbara L. Diamond

Today’s Friday Film features a video by award-winning cat writer and Cats Guide Franny Suyfy and addresses the facts and theories of how and why cats purr.  Is it strictly to show us humans how much the cat adores us, or something more complex?

This link isn’t embeddable, so you will need to click on the title below to go to Franny’s site to watch it.  Franny has an amazing knowledge of cats and cat behavior, and even offers free online courses and newsletters if you want to learn more about your feline companion.  Franny lives in northern California, not far from Sacramento.


Why Do Cats Purr?


Adopt A LAPCAT featured another one of Franny’s videos last year that continues to be one of our most viewed posts.  You can see it here:

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Friday Films: Dog Swims With Dolphins

Most people know that labs love the water and love to swim.  Kira is an ordinary dog with extraordinary habits: she swims with wild dolphins. Watch and enjoy the magical dog-and-dolphin encounter in this HD nature video.

Labs love to swim—it’s hard to keep them out of the water.


And please don’t forget this weekend is the big LAPCATS adoptathon at PetSmart and Whiskers and Wine fundraising event at Sacramento County Animal Care

See you there!

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Friday Films: The Cat Who Slaps Alligators


In spite of their “independent” reputation, many cats enjoy the companionship not only of humans and other cats, but also other different animals including dogs, chimps, horses, and even birds (very cautiously!).  Today’s Friday Film shows a pairing I definitely wouldn’t recommend, but I guess it’s worked in this case.  (I can’t help but feel though that this cat’s days are numbered!)


The Cat Who Slaps Gators


Frankly, this is the only type of alligator I would recommend as a kitty playmate!

(Source:  Animal Planet)

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Feline Friday: Suicide Reporting & Crazy Cat-astrophies

Today’s Friday Film is a reblog of the current post on Amy Shojai’s “Bling, Bitches & Blood”. The subject she tackles is one often misunderstood and so often the driving force that makes ill-informed people dump their cats at shelters or abandon them altogether: toxoplasmosis [tok-soh-plaz-moh-sis]. Amy’s post dispels myths and puts this nasty little organism in modern-day prospective, and is one of the easiest read, most understandable articles I’ve seen on the subject. There’s also an informal video interview with Amy as she explains the Truth about Toxoplasmosis.

Amy Shojai is a popular CABC (certified animal behavior consultant), and the award-winning author of 24 best selling pet books that cover furry babies to old-fogies, first aid to natural healing, and behavior/training to Chicken Soup-icity. She is the Puppies Guide at, the cat behavior expert at, writes features for AOL’s and Huffington Post, and hosts a weekly half hour Internet Pet Peeves radio show. Amy has been featured as an expert in hundreds of print venues including The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, and Family Circle, as well as national radio and television networks such as CNN, Animal Planet’s DOGS 101 and CATS 101. She’s been a consultant to the pet products industry and a host/program consultant for select “furry” TV projects. Amy brings her unique pet-centric viewpoint to public appearances, writer conferences keynotes/seminars and thriller fiction (including pet “voice”).

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Friday Films: Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month – I Want…

 June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month and now more than ever, the need for shelter cat adoptions is dire. The unstable economy made it so difficult for some families to care for their beloved cats. There were so many heart breaking local news stories about the numbers of dogs and cats that were being surrendered to shelters for adoption and others who were abandoned. Then, when it’s time for kittens to be born, thousands of those end up at animal shelters or worse…they don’t survive at all.

Our shelter cats are loving and friendly. In fact, many shelter cats would make very good companions for the elderly. We firmly believe that shelter animals have a special understanding of the blessings they received by being given a second chance at a first-class, loving home. Every dog or cat that I have ever adopted has been a special little spirit who became a beloved companion, and that is the blessing that I received, for adopting a shelter pet.


I Want…  70663704v18_240x240_Front_Color-White


June is Adopt-A-Cat Month–Please Adopt a Shelter Cat!

StarStarStar And please don’t forget to attend the 3rd Annual Sac County Animal Shelter Flea Market in support of the animal shelter this weekend! StarStarStar

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