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Friday Films: My Cat Story About Handsome

Today’s Friday Film “My Cat Story About Handsome” won first prize in a contest called “My Cat’s Story”.  The judges liked the story about Lana and Handsome because it clearly showed how Lana was able to transform a scared cat who was abandoned into a sweet, affectionate cat. Lana let the cat progress at his own pace, never forcing him, always encouraging him. They loved seeing the bonds that the two share–clearly they enhance each others lives.


(Source:  Cat Behavior Associates)

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Friday Films: Compilation Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds

Who is the boss in your multi-species house?  I guess in today’s video, it’s pretty much “cats rule”!



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Friday Films: Simon’s Cat in “Feed Me”

Simon’s Cat

There’s a new Simon’s Cat video in town and I thought I’d feature it today.  It features one of our felines’ favorite time of day:  breakfast.  Does this happen at your house?  Is your kitty like Simon’s Cat?    

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Friday Films: Simon’s Cat in “The Box”

What is it about cats and boxes?  It’s often said that if you buy your cat an expensive toy, he’ll probably ignore it and play with the box it came in.  Does your cat do that?  My foster kittens are working on destroying their third small cat treat box.  They just wear them out with their jumping in and out and carrying them around.  Silly cats! Cheap entertainment though!

Simon’s Cat in “The Box”

More chuckles about Simon’s Cat and boxes if you want:  Simon’s Cat Box Gude II.

(Via:  Simon’s Cat)

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Does Your Cat Own You?

See how many yes answers apply to you.

  • Do you select your friends based on how well your cats like them?
  • Does your desire to collect cats intensify during times of stress?
  • Do you buy more than 50 pounds of cat litter a month?
  • Do you think it’s cute when your cat swings on your drapes or licks your butter?
  • Do you admit to non-cat owners how many cats you really have?
  • Do you sleep in the same position all night because it annoys your cats when you move?
  • Do you kiss your cat on the whiskers?
  • Do you feed your cat tidbits from the table with your fork?
  • Does your cat sleep on your head?
  • Do you like it?
  • Do you have more than four opened but rejected cans of cat food in the refrigerator?
  • Do you watch bad TV because the cat is sleeping on the remote?
  • Would you rather spend a night at home with your cat than go out on a bad date?
  • Do you give your cat presents and a stocking at Christmas?
  • Do you put off making the bed until the cat gets up?


(Source: The Dog Hause ; photo: LOLCats)

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Friday Films: If You Don’t Know Cats By Now

Today’s Friday Film is a retake of an old hit by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.  The videographer gets her material from I Can Has Cheeseburger and does an outstanding job putting great photos with music to send her message.  Most of her videos feature cats and dogs, and promote shelter animal adoption or the pet-human bond.  If you enjoy cats (and why else would you be reading this blog?), this is guaranteed to start your weekend off with a smile.

Video by msgoodlistener

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The U.C. Davis Cats

I’d like to introduce you to the three “new girls” at our LAPCATS Adoption Center: Blossom, a torti American Shorthair mix; Iris, a Chartreux mix, and Posey, probably primarily Bombay. They are settling in surprisingly well and interacting with the other cats. Why is this different from the norm you ask?

Blossom, Iris, and Posey have a very sad story. These three 4-year old girls were born and raised at the UC Davis Vet School where they were used as test kitties for anesthesia practice.  After nearly four years of experimentation, the school decided the cats had served their purpose and put them up for adoption. When they had not been placed in several months, notice went out through the rescue community that the cats were going to be euthanized.

LAPCATS rescued the three girls and took them into foster care where they have been learning how to be “normal kitties”. Unfortunately, because these cats were raised in a laboratory without proper socialization, they were all very afraid of people. They didn’t understand or know what it was like to be petted by a friendly hand, or that being held didn’t automatically mean someone was going to stick them with needles.

For the past five months, Blossom, Iris and Posey have been immersed in a program of “love and affection 101” in their foster home. As a result, all three girls are slowly coming around and now seek affection. They enjoy being petted and they purr and absolutely love to be groomed. They give head-butts and roll on their backs for belly rubs.  And they all adore catnip. 


Blossom: American Shorthair, Cat; Elk Grove, CABlossom, an excellent hunter, loves to chase bugs and makes the cutest chirping sound when on the hunt.  She adores her toy mouse and goes completely nuts for the laser light.  Her foster mom says Blossom is “quite a character.”  Blossom has very large, round, captivating eyes and a gorgeous torti coat.




Iris: Chartreux, Cat; Elk Grove, CAIris has also made vast improvements over the past few months.  When she first came into foster care, her foster mom couldn’t even touch her.  Now she rolls around on her foster mom’s feet, licks her hands and legs and follows her around for attention.  She goes nuts for catnip and wet food and loves to play.  Iris enjoys being brushed and petted, but can still be a bit skittish at times.  She has the most beautiful eyes and is an “all around” gorgeous cat.


Posey: Bombay, Cat; Elk Grove, CAPosey, initially the shyest of the three, has especially become more social.  She loves attention,  and especially loves being brushed.  She is very fond of her foster mom’s feet and loves to lick them.  She goes crazy for catnip, rolling around in it and acting completely silly.  As you can see, Posey has beautiful, soulful eyes and a sweet little face that screams ADOPT ME!




The girls’ foster mom says it’s been wonderful watching these girls begin to grow emotionally, have fun, enjoy life, and start to act like real cats. They are still shy (compared to our other cats), and therefore it is important that they be adopted by an experienced cat person who will be patient and move slowly (and lovingly) with them. Given time and lots of love, the girls will continue to mellow and grow socially. They may never be actual “lap cats,” but they will be good companions and, of course, forever grateful to the person or people who open their hearts and homes to them. It is possible that they will eventually snuggle up to someone–recently Iris and Posey have been curling up next to their foster mom for attention–but it is also possible they may never actually enjoy being held or sitting on a lap.  Right now they don’t enjoy being handled, but they love petting and having their rumps scratched (elevator butt!).  Posey and Iris will also give baths once they are comfortable.  In fact, Iris will lick you raw if given the chance!

“They are really sweet girls who just need a chance at decent lives. They have come so far in the past 5 months.”   ~Blossom, Iris and Posey’s foster mom

All three girls get along with other cats, having lived with several other felines in both their foster home and now at the Adoption Center.  Again, because these cats need special attention to ensure that they continue to grow emotionally, we stress that only experienced cat guardians apply to adopt them. The girls do not have to be placed together, but each should go to a home where there are other friendly cats for company and companionship.  We don’t know how they are with dogs as they have never been around them.

If you are an experienced cat person and feel like taking a very special journey with one or more of these very deserving cats, or if you just want more information about them, please contact us at or go to to fill out an application.

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Friday Films: Simon’s Cat in “Shelf Life”


What is it about cats and our “things”?  Their never ending curiosity?  Their attitude that what’s ours is, of course, theirs?  Or are they just oblivious to what they encounter as they stalk and prowl through the jungles of our living rooms?

I’ve had dogs for years, and was used to being able to set items up on the counter where they would stay until I moved them.  Not so with cats in the house!  Nothing is safe!  By the way, did you know cats can jump up to seven times their height?

Simon Tofield shares his experiences in the latest Simon’s Cat video.


  Shelf Life

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On Life With Cats



“When I play with my cat, who knows whether she is not amusing

herself with me more than I with her.”

~Michel De Montaigne 1533-1592 Essays, Book II

(Photo source:  Facebook; Quote:

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10 Ways You Know Your Cat Rules You

Guilty as charged, at least on a few of these!  Actually, with both cats and dogs, hubby and I don’t stand a chance.  Seriously, we enjoy the company of our “furkids” very much, but just wish there was a way to get them to contribute to the smooth functioning of the family unit (ha!), instead of contributing to the challenge.  Still, when you consider the loyalty, companionship and entertainment values, we’re way ahead!

From the Secret Society of Cat People, here is “10 Ways You Know Your Cat Rules You” by Kathy Blumenstock:27dc532d-7bc3-4a9c-81f5-cbd021244d7a

10.  Your morning routine is structured around your cat. (So is your evening routine.)

9.  Your significant other develops an aversion to cats. He or she is no longer significant.

8.  You want a bigger bed to accommodate your cat(s).

7.  You choose between an exotic location and your cat’s medical bills.

6.  You’re looking for a new home, and your main concern is whether the cat will like it.

5.  You install two Webcams so you can watch your cat from all angles while you’re at work.

4.  You take a class called “Cooking Organic for Your Cat.”

3.  You throw a birthday party for your cat. (And she didn’t even ask for one.)

2.  The pictures in your wallet, on your wall, cell phone and desk are all of your cat.

1.  You arrive home after a hard day’s work, and what perks you up is stopping in the driveway to wave at the cat in the window.


For illustration and the supporting data, check out the original work.

(Photo source:  LOLCats)


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