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Friday Films: Rufus Tower


Guilt is a horrible thing.  Our cats get sick and usually we have to administer medicine of some kind to keep them well.  We know it’s for their own good.   But when we have to restrain them or trick them to get the medicine in them, we feel so bad.  And, of course, they are unhappy with us.

Today’s Friday Film deals with a guilty cat owner.  When Rufus, an orange tabby, had to undergo a series of painful eardrops, his owner Billy Browne felt awful.  And, to make matters worse, Rufus had even taken to hiding from Browne when he came home from work each night.

So the remorseful Browne decided he would make it up to his favorite feline….by building him the ultimate cardboard box cat playhouse! “Rufus loves boxes,” Browne explains.

In the video below, Browne sets out on his mission to win back Rufus’ love and affection, complete with 40 boxes, some tape and a box knife. He films the entire “making of the Rufus tower,” much to the delight of cat owners across the world.  I think Rufus forgave him—don’t you?


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