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Friday Films: Six Signs Your Cat Loves You

Some say cats only show what you think is love in order to get food.

Watch and decide for yourself.



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    Friday Films: Yoga With Cats Kodi and Shorty


    Summertime is almost here, and it’s time to firm up those muscles, get flexible, and get in shape for those shorts, tank tops and swim suits!  Here to guide you are Shorty and Kodi and their dad, in their 3rd yoga cat video. 

    Sho Ko Shorty and Kodi are both former shelter cats.

    We featured Shorty the Yoga Cat on our Friday Films back on April 1, 2011.  Since then, they’ve developed a second yoga video too.  All three videos are included here for your viewing.  (Yoga with Cats was just released on May 8, 2013.)

    After watching, get to know them better on Facebook or Sho Ko, their YouTube channel.


    Kodi and Shorty do yoga with Dad


    Cat Yoga 1
    Cat Yoga 2

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