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How to Apply Cat Flea Treatments

A few important things to remember:

Never use dog flea treatments on cats.  They are much too strong and can kill your cat.

Advantage and Advantix sound similar, but never use Advantix on cats.  It is made only for dogs and is also much too strong for cats (and can kill them).

(Source:  The Vet Depot)

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Friday Films: Body Language in Cats

Tosh_A594955While we don’t agree 100% with this video (for instance, we believe most cats ARE social animals—of course, on their own terms), this video has a great deal of good information on understanding cat behavior. 

Cats Protection who made the video, is the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, rehoming and reuniting around 52,000 cats and kittens every year through its network of over 250 volunteer-run branches, 29 adoption centers and one homing center. The charity also promotes the benefits of neutering and produces a wide range of cat care information for owners.

Go here to learn more about Cats Protection or here for more of their excellent videos.

(Photo by Barbara Doty)


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Friday Films: Simon’s Cat – Pawtrait

There’s a new Simon’s Cat video in town and we think you will enjoy it, especially if you’ve ever tried to take a formal photograph or portrait of your feline family member!



Along with the video comes the announcement that an 11-minute color video about Simon’s Cat going to visit his vet is planned.  Says the blog:

“The Simon’s Cat team has some very exciting announcements coming up in the next few weeks.

The month of June will see us reaching two amazing milestones on our official YouTube channel, passing 500 million views and 3 million subscribers!

And to mark this incredible following, we have been developing a script for a special 11-minute film (that’s right, 11 minutes!) inspired by the most fan-requested theme: visiting the vets! The film will be extra special as it will also be the first to be animated in colour!”

Read more

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Friday Films: Cats and Dogs Who Hate Kisses

Do you kiss your cat and/or your dog?  If so, do they like to be kissed?  Today’s Friday Film is a compilation of cats who would rather not be kissed—at least not when the camera was rolling.


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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


A little “pick me up” from Clarance

At Sacramento County Animal Care!

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Friday Films: Six Signs Your Cat Loves You

Some say cats only show what you think is love in order to get food.

Watch and decide for yourself.


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    Friday Films: Probably More Than You Wanted to Know About LOL Cats



    In case you want more:  Wikipedia on LOLCats

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    Friday Films: Happy Dogs—and a Cat—in Australia

    Our friend from Australia, animal trainer Robert Dollwet, shows off his skills again today with a new video inspired by Pharrell Williams’ mega hit “Happy”.  It’s also a great way to end the week and prepare for the weekend.  In addition to the dogs, Dollwet’s famous skateboard-riding cat Didga is included.

    Dollwet and his animal stars live in Coolangatta, Australia, and Dollwet posts on YouTube as "Catmantoo." Dollwet’s company is Malabu Dog Training.  You can read more Didga, Dollwet and his training methods on his website.  You can also follow them on Catmantoo’s Facebook page.

    See also our January 31, 2014 post featuring Didga the Skateboarding Cat


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    Friday Films: CHATastrophe (CATastrophes Web Series: Episode 2)

 ”Why do we make these hilarious videos about cats? Because it’s fun! Because it brings us joy to do it, and we hope that it brings you a little bit of happiness to watch them. And it’s a great way for us to help promote adoptable cats and animal welfare in a light-hearted way, while showcasing rescues we think are doing an awesome job.”


    Read more about the Gabriele-Grelyak Film Team on their website CATastrophes or visit their Facebook page.


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    Maddie’s Fund Infographic: Kitten Development

    For those of you who might be toying with the idea of helping a local shelter or rescue group by fostering kittens, here is a guide full or cuteness.


    Physical and Behavioral Development of Kittens

    (Source:  Maddie’s Fund)

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